Chapter 1897 Claudio Is Spreading His Problems

The next day, Maggie is wrapping up a meeting with her most prized editors in the conference room.

“Therefore, friends, we’ll no longer talk about Pamela Chaves in our magazine. Let's make up some excuse so she doesn't sue us and use that as an excuse to go back to town. I already felt guilty about Uélton's death. If Wallace's marriage failed, I would never lift my head again.”

“I don't think the Freire family would blame you for this, but we understand.” One of the editors said with an encouraging smile.

“OK, we're dismissed. Meeting adjourned.” Maggie gets up.

The other editors get up and say goodbye to her. Upon opening the door, Maggie is faced with her niece.

“Carol, what are you doing here alone?”

“Mom said to wait for you here, you were busy,” Caroline responds dutifully.

“Yes, but it's over now. Let's walk around the Publishing house with Auntie.” Maggie takes Caroline's hand and leads her through the premises.

Meanwhile, Melissa talks to Bernardo in his office.

Bernardo is ha
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