Chapter 1898 He Can Come Back Already

Without realizing it, Cláudio is spreading his problems to everyone involved with Josias and Katherine. Diane is at her apartment talking about this with Daryl while serving breakfast.

“Yesterday some poor fellow came in claiming to have been fired from a family of snobs in Sunset Village. He downed eight shots of Negroni and staggered out of the Crystal Blue.”

Daryl shakes his head dismissively, “Instead of the guy looking for another job, he wastes time getting drunk. That's why he can't get a job! But it’s always the boss’s fault.”

Diane pushes the plate of toast towards him, “Eat well, my love. I have noticed that you’re not eating right. The frantic activity of the restaurant shouldn’t distract you from your health.”

“It's not Crystal Blue's frenzied activity that has taken away my appetite, dear.” Daryl takes a deep breath to admit, “It's that subject that's still eating away at me. At that point, Octavio Motta told everyone at Rocha Constructions that I was a soap opera villain
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