William : Perfect Story of The Heir

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William : Perfect Story of The Heir

By: BadBoy CompletedUrban/Realistic

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As the adopted son of The Wiltson Family family, William had always been the object of ridicule in all the family. He was considered the smallest and had no rights whatsoever. His life was always belittled, even his foster siblings often treated William in an unfair way. Until one day, The Wiltson Family family was holding an election for a candidate for The Wiltson Family Group successor who would later become the sole heir and hold the family throne to marry a beautiful woman from the Amiris family named Isabella Amiris who became the sole heir of the Amiris company, the number two most advanced company in the world. William, who was not a candidate in the election, could only stay silent and help out, but who would have thought that Isabella would instead choose him to be her husband. Her decision was opposed by both families, but Isabella continued to fight for her love. Until finally something that changed William’s life happened. A stranger appeared before William, he said that he was from the Bronson family. The number one family in the country of Ades. Not only in Ades, even in the whole world. His billion dollar business was the target of business people to relate to him. Will William accept the gold card? Or will he forever choose to be part of The Wiltson Family family and will continue to be bullied by his siblings?

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  • Angela Graham


    Is there going to be a part two to this book because the ending is horrible

    2023-10-15 03:25:33
  • Princes Auntum


    perfect story ever! ............

    2023-04-07 20:06:14
  • Ritik Chugh


    Poor english.... Hard to understand what author wants to say

    2023-09-16 03:20:21
  • Walter


    Don't bother reading. Ends in cliffhanger.

    2023-12-09 20:10:35
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170 chapters
“Come on, Will. Are your hands a rubber? You can’t even find where my dog ​​is buried! Hurry up! If you don’t, I will complain to Mom so that you will be punished and not being fed tonight!”The gray-eyed girl put her hands on her hips, continuing to swear at the man who was currently still busy with the shovel and the sand that had stained his body and clothes.His jet-black hair was filled with sand, and his fingernails had started to turn black with sand. However, he couldn’t stop. The spoiled girl of his family was sulking so he would want to look for something.“Wait a minute, Janet. I myself do not know where you buried your dog. You’ve been saying you’ve buried your dog in several places. However, until now I have not found your dog’s corpse anywhere.”“Stop calling me Janet, Stupid Man! Call me Miss Wiltson! Have you forgotten that you are only a foster child here? If Mom and Dad didn’t want a son and you made you as the bait, surely you would never be here and enjoying all t
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“Here are two cards for you, Young Master Bronson. The first is your identity card as the sole legitimate heir of the Bronson family business empire and the other is a card for you to use as you need and want. There are only three black cards in the world and the one with one of the owners is you. There is no limit to the amount of money that you can take or withdraw in one day.”William was still frozen, his hands were still reluctant to accept the two cards that the man meant. He still couldn’t believe it, he felt that what he was experiencing was like a dream.A dream that seemed almost impossible to come true, a dream that made William think that all he had experienced had been a wishful thinking in his sleep all this time.“Am I dreaming?”“You may pinch your cheeks, Young Master Bronson.”William pinched his cheek and it hurt so bad, he then chuckled lightly because of that.“If indeed I am the sole heir of a wealthy family, namely the Bronson family. How did I end up in an orph
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William could only be stunned. One of the services from the hotel and specifically for him?He let her into the room. She brought a bottle of expensive wine in along with a crystal glass and a place full of ice cubes there. She placed it on the nightstand beside the bed, and William was still standing, watching.“Are you going to serve every VVIP guest in this hotel, Miss?” William asked.The woman immediately smiled, then she nodded her head.“But, summoning me costs a fortune, Young Master Bronson. So only a few rich guests who have paid me dearly can accompany me, usually other VVIP guests will be accompanied by other room service, and that’s not me.”William nodded, he could assume that this woman was probably the most valuable asset this hotel had.“Okay.”“Please.”William frowned again, he was confused about what the blonde woman meant.“I’m not in the mood to take a shower, Miss.”“I’ll give you a massage, Young Master Bronson.”William swallowed hard, it was true that his bod
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“So how did you get here, Miss Amaris?”“I’m better off like this, than having to marry one of the men in your house.” William fell silent. Isabella and him were outside the Wiltson residence. The heated argument just now happened for real, and Isabella was here now. She was left behind with William, even the Amaris family was reluctant to accept Isabella because they felt so ashamed.“This was an act of insulting the Wiltson family and you chose to stay instead. Aren’t you going to be my burden now? We’re both trapped in the Wiltson residence.”“William, come here!”Bobby and Mike, who couldn’t accept Isabella’s humiliation, was looking for William’s whereabouts. Now William looked at both of them in a confused look.“What’s the matter? Did Mom and Dad call me?”“Can you still say something like that to our parents, after what you’ve done to our family? You are committing treason, William!” Bobby snapped at him.William was still trying to calm down, while Isabella stood proud besid
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This morning the Wiltson family residence was again hit by a terrible panic. Even Mrs. Wiltson and Mr. Wiltson summoned all family members to a meeting, William was no exception. Meanwhile, Isabella was currently busy applying for the position of director at the Bronson Group.“This is crazy, the stock market is not doing well. Our family stock is experiencing an unimaginable crisis!”Mrs. Wiltson, who had been talking a lot earlier, emphasized this many times, while all the family members just kept silent.However, the children of the Wiltson family were very lazy people, they will never care about business and how to improve the company. All they needed was to have a good time and earn a lot of money, they never cared about the business matters.“The only company that can help us is the company of the Amaris family and it has to do with marriage. However, I just heard the news that the famous Amaris company has lost a colleague forever.”“There won’t be a problem for the Amaris fam
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“So it’s something like that, Dad, Mom. Parties from the Bronson Group company do not want to cooperate with you, they want to buy your shares and own this family company completely. But the matter of who runs the company, they still fully entrust it to you. That is the best offer in my opinion.”William started telling stories, he then looked at everyone who was there. Their facial expressions seemed really so blue and gloomy, while William acted so relaxed.Wiltson's company was a company that everyone in the family was always proud of. In every banquet and meeting between businessmen, they always pretended to be the number one company in the world. Even when someone celebrated a birthday, they will celebrate it at home with the most magnificent decorations chosen in the whole world. They will not accept cheap gifts, the gifts they will receive were worth at least a million dollars each.And William would never get in the way of birthday celebrations, because he knew he didn’t have
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“Now explain to me, Will. What's going on here? Where did you get that kind of money?”"I will explain to you later, definitely not in front of all these people."Isabella immediately agreed, she also could not expose William's faults or vices in front of many people. After all, she already trusted William, and chose William over these two jerks in front of Isabella.“Okay, how about we discuss everything in the room? Shouldn't we also be prepared to leave this house? A house where you are not considered a family member at all.”William nodded, without further ado and without saying goodbye, he immediately took Isabella's hand to leave. He knew that, instead of worrying about him now, they—the Wiltsons would be thinking a lot more about the one billion dollars he had given them in their entirety. That was the reality, and however William himself would never have been able to escape it had he not been an important figure to the Wiltson family.“So tell me where did you get that kind of
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William's new house is so big, even William knows that this is actually one of his old properties. But William just found out. Even though William had asked for the simplest house, but what did he see? The house is in an old European style with all-white nuances with golden accessories that are so beautiful and magnificent, there are several carved statues, one of which is even a gold-plated statue.William could only feel amazed to see it all, it couldn't even be compared to the Wiltson family's house. The house in front of him is really very… luxurious."Is it true that this is the home for me while working at the Bronson family?" she asked.William looked up at her, then he swallowed his smile perfectly. If only Isabella knew that he was the one who arranged this, Isabella would be very grateful to him. This is the most special house, and it is the most magnificent house.William couldn't even imagine how his most magnificent house looked any more than this.“Young Master Bronson,
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“Will, looks like we have to attend a party.”William, who had just returned home, met with Jackob to discuss some matters of the Bronson family business register. William really wanted to learn a lot about it. Until finally William came home late."Whose party are we going to, Isabel?""Mother invited us to come to the house."“Don't your family dislike me? If they miss you, come home for a while and that's fine for me, Isabel."“No, Will. This is an invitation for us, my aunt told me directly. If my mom invites you and me to dad's birthday party. I don't know myself either, considering how they think of you. They were so annoyed with my choice back then, so how could they invite you?” Isabella smiled again. “But now that I think about it, there's nothing wrong about this meeting. they invite you it means if they are quite interested and curious about you, right? and hopefully from this meeting they will know if I did not choose the wrong one.”William was just silent, he didn't need
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Adam Amaris's birthday party was very grand and lively, all world-class businessmen flocked to the birthday party. None of them came from lowly people, all from among the nobility and famous businessmen."So, shall we go down now?" she asked.She looked back at William, the figure looked so different. Expensive tuxedo suits out of nowhere, only what kind of engraved B's are there with all things William? Why is it so very mysterious?"Where did you get this tuxedo suit, Will?""Am I handsome in this?""Sure, that's why I asked you about this."“You remember about my good friend who lent me a billion dollars, right? He lent me this tuxedo so as not to embarrass you.”"Your friend is very kind.""Of course."The two of them immediately entered the courtyard of the Amaris family's house, which was indeed very spacious with several beautiful plants and flowers. Shades of all white with candles decorating all sides, beautiful yellow dim lights. What a sweet sight, making everyone who saw i
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