Chapter 1916 Potiphar's Wife

Josias's limousine stops at the police station and he opens the door to step out, “Melissa, can you wait here?”

“Yes, Josias, thanks for the ride.” She smiles gently.

“I need to see if Kate obeyed me.” Josias smiles slightly and leaves, closing the door.

The driver looks at Melissa in the rearview mirror and decides to turn on the car radio. Westlife's song “Swear it Again” made Melissa more comfortable with the wait.

“So he forced his wife to give a statement...” Melissa says to herself, “Kate is having the reaction of someone who has suffered major sexual trauma, but why do I feel, over and over, that such trauma doesn't exist?”

Meanwhile, Josias enters Lagoon City P.D. The same policewoman who attended to Katherine earlier widened her eyes when she now saw her husband.

“Mr. Rocha... what a pleasure to serve you. What can the police station help you with?”

“Miss Officer, did my wife Katherine come here to give the statement? Is Sergeant Moraes there?”

The policewoman nods vigorously
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