Chapter 1915 A Pointless Question

Octavio is taken aback by this unusual and unexpected question. He closes the door, fearing that Daryl has heard this nonsense, “Girl! Do you want to lose the grace of being Mrs. Rocha again? Remember you are enjoying a second chance because Angela faltered!”

“I know!” Katherine stands up, “But this is a feeling I can't shake! Why is it that since I married Josias, Melissa lives glued to him? Any and every occasion is an excuse for her to be around him!”

Octavio shakes his head in disbelief, “Is this serious, Kate? Alan and Caroline are the children of Josias and Melissa. You’ll have to get over it.”

Katherine smiles wryly, “OK, but does MELISSA get over the fact that Josias and I have a beautiful son?”

“Yes, I'm sure.” Octavio lowers his voice, “Careful, Kate, don't tell the Mountain family these things. They are a bunch of gossipers who aren’t content to lead a peaceful life.”

“If you're talking about Daryl Mountain, I completely agree.” Katherine rolls her eyes, “The asshole is imi
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