Chapter 1927 Katherine Won't Let It End

At the Marçal bookstore, Isabel was visibly upset by the question of the journalist that couldn't be more than twenty-five. Is he still an intern or apprentice to Vernon?

“Young man, I don't want to discuss this unpleasant matter.”

“Do you think the swimming instructor is innocent or guilty?” He insists as if he didn't hear what Isabel said.

Francisco tries to push the journalist, “Comrade, move away or ask questions concerning the autograph session. We don't want to get involved in other people's affairs.”

“But you are practically the family!” The journalist tries to convince them, “Mr. Mountain, you are Melissa Campos's current husband's uncle. Surely you—”

The door opens and Bernardo and Maggie enter.

“Is everything okay here, guys?”

“Bernie, get rid of this abusive journalist!” Isabel demands, “He doesn't want to ask about my books or my family; he only came to reap more controversial statements about Josias and Kate!”

Maggie takes the lead, “Young man, I suggest you stick to what
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