The Return of the Hades

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The Return of the Hades

By: Princess Shines Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Once a powerful commander known as The Hades, Darien French lost his ability to see the future after being poisoned. He went into hiding and married Cersei Smith. Though blind, Darien supported Cersei as she built her company. When Cersei asked for a divorce, saying Darien was mediocre and a burden, he was left alone, broken, humiliated and dejected. "I will show her," he muttered through clenched teeth. "I will show them all. Once I regain my sight, they will pay for doubting me." Now, after fully regaining his sight and powers of prophecy through further treatment, Darien is more determined than ever. "Now that I've regained my full abilities, nothing will stop me from reclaiming my title as the great Hades," he declared.

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119 chapters
1In the big city of Usati, important government and military people gathered in a sad and serious way. They wore all-black clothes and stood quietly, showing respect with their heads bowed down. At the center of their assembly, an imposing coffin lay draped in the country's flag, a poignant symbol of the profound loss that had befallen the nation.Amidst the hushed whispers and the heavy air of mourning, President Alexander Volkov, resplendent in his own all-black suit, stepped forward to address the gathered crowd. "Our prophet," President Volkov began, his words measured and imbued with deep reverence, "is the very eyes and brain of Usati. Today, as we pay our final respects, we must remember the selfless sacrifice he made for our beloved country." Even though he sounded very sad, his determination came through and affected everyone who listened.As the president's speech reached its crescendo, the assembled officers, both civilian and military, offered their solemn affirmation. "
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2Darien was about to thank the other person, but just by hearing the person's voice, he already recognized who she was. The woman who had come to his aid was Lavinia Luciano, his former subordinate. Lavinia was a tall, elegant woman with striking hazel eyes and auburn hair that fell in gentle waves around her shoulders. She felt guilty that it was because she came too late that Darien was humiliated."Sir. French, I'm so sorry," Lavinia said, her voice trembling with emotion. "I should have been here sooner. I never should have left your side."Darien offered a small, reassuring smile. "It's not your fault, Lavinia. I appreciate your concern, but what's done is done. What I need now is to get back to the hospital."Lavinia nodded, her eyes filled with sadness as she helped Darien to his feet. She had known Darien for years, and seeing him in this weakened state tore at her heart. As they made their way towards the hospital, Lavinia couldn't shake the guilt that weighed heavily upon h
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3As the rejuvenating essence of the Dragon Blood Bodhi tree coursed through Darien's veins, he felt a resurgence of vitality he hadn't experienced in what felt like lifetimes. The once crippling poison that had threatened to consume him was now merely an annoyance, its potency fading against the newfound strength the Bodhi extract provided. His gaze met Lavinia's, her vigilant eyes betraying the fatigue from a night spent guarding his recovery."How do you feel, sir?" Lavinia asked, her voice laced with concern."Rejuvenated," Darien responded, his voice carrying a timbre of renewed vigor. "The Bodhi's essence... it's remarkable. The toxins are receding, but the battle isn't over. I still need to find the remaining herbs."Lavinia's eyes lit up, a reflection of her relief. "We'll find them, sir. We've overcome worse odds."Darien nodded, a determined set to his jaw. Yet, as he observed Lavinia, a faint shimmer in her aura caught his attention. His prophetic abilities, dulled by the
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4The impact sent a shock through Cersei, leaving her momentarily speechless. Her hand flew to her cheek, the sting of the slap mingling with her surprise. "What—what was that for?" Cersei sputtered, her eyes wide with disbelief.Lavinia's hand was still raised, her chest heaving as she glared down at Cersei, who was clutching her reddened cheek in shock."Why did you do that?" Cersei demanded again, her voice quivering with a mixture of anger and confusion. Lavinia's eyes blazed with a fiery intensity, her voice steady and contemptuous. "You seem to have forgotten all that sir French has done for you over the years. Do you think you would be where you are today without his help?""What nonsense are you speaking? I achieved everything on my own merit," Cersei shot back defiantly. Lavinia met her glare steadfastly. "You are blind, Cersei. Blind to the truth that's been before your eyes all along. Every so-called triumph you've boasted of, every victory you've celebrated... It was si
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Golden Apple
5Darien let out an exasperated sigh, his frustration evident. "Cersei, this is not the time for petty squabbles. We have more important matters to attend to."Cersei's eyes blazed with righteous anger. "I will not let it go, Darien! This woman, Lavinia," she sneered Lavinia's name, "needs to apologize for her unwarranted behavior. It's a matter of principle."Lavinia-Luciano maintained her composure, her voice steady. "Cersei, I understand your feelings, and I am willing to apologize if it will bring an end to this conflict. However, I propose a different solution. But perhaps we can settle this in a more... unconventional manner."Cersei raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Unconventional? What do you mean?"Lavinia-Luciano's lips curved into a sly smile. "I propose a bet."Cersei's eyes narrowed with suspicion. "A bet? What kind of nonsense are you suggesting, Lavinia?"Lavinia-Luciano's tone remained calm. "If you truly believe that it was wrong for me to slap you and accuse you, then let
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6On the other hand, Darien was pacing back and forth, a determined expression on his face. "I cannot let Cersei get her hands on that golden apple. Its powers are not to be underestimated, and I cannot risk it falling into the wrong hands."Lavinia, sensing Darien's concern, approached him with a reassuring touch on his arm. "Sir French, Let's try to trace the source of golden apple." Darien looked at Lavinia, intrigued by her suggestion. "Tracing the source could indeed provide us with an advantage. If we know where it came from, we might uncover its intended purpose, find out who is targeting me and how to safeguard it."After two hours of searching, Darien looked frustrated. "We've combed through every lead, but the golden apple's origin remains elusive."Lavinia sighed, "It seems like a needle in a haystack, Sir French."Darien nodded, "Indeed, I prefer to concentrate on checking the destiny of every bodyguard who are secretly following Cersei."They discreetly tailed the bodygu
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7Cersei smiled smugly as she looked at the locked safe containing the glowing golden apple in her office. Her announcement was already causing the stir she had anticipated. Powerful figures would be tripping over each other to get their hands on the legendary fruit. "The mayor was just as easy to manipulate as I expected," she thought cunningly. "By dangling the apple at his gala, I've secured his favor and an advantageous position at the negotiating table." "The bet with Lavinia is as good as won," she thought with a smug smile.Her secretary Lilian entered with a bottle of champagne. "The mayor called off the ropes, he's practically yours," Lilian observed. Cersei smirked, pouring them each a flute. "A toast - to easy victories." They clinked glasses, savoring the sweet taste of imminent success.Meanwhile, Darien and Lavinia received word that the mayor intended to gift the golden apple to the military upon acquiring it, placing it directly in Darien's hands. "This is fortunat
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The robber
8Cersei sat in her luxurious office, her eyes fixed on the locked safe containing the coveted golden apple. She listened intently as her secretary, Lilian, went through a pile of offers and rejections.Lilian sighed as she put down another offer. "Sorry, miss Smith, but they're not offering enough. It seems everyone wants a taste of that golden apple."Cersei's smile wavered slightly, her smugness giving way to a flicker of annoyance. "They think they can lowball me? They have no idea what this apple is worth."Lilian nodded sympathetically. "It's incredible how much attention it's getting. People are willing to do anything to get their hands on it."A pang of worry shot through Cersei's heart. "Do you think someone might try to snatch it from us? I can't afford to lose it now."Lilian's eyes widened slightly. "I wouldn't put it past some desperate individuals. The allure of the apple is driving people to extremes."Cersei's mind raced with thoughts of potential threats and the conse
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At Cersei's compay
9As they drove towards the office, Cersei fumbled with the hidden compartment in her car, pulling out the emergency mobile phone. With trembling hands, she sent a message to Lilian: "In danger. Old man with a gun. Need help. Office address."Lilian, immersed in work at the office, received the urgent message. Shocked, she immediately sprung into action, alerting the security team and preparing to handle the situation. "We have an intruder coming with Ms. Smith," she barked into her phone. "Get all guards on high alert now!" "Understood. We're on high alert."Lilian thought that the robber would follow Cersei with a gun,"Bodyguards, be ready. Ms. Smith may be followed by a dangerous individual. We need to catch him at the security check gate." "Got it. We're on standby at the gate."Within minutes the security team was prepped and in position. Lilian paced anxiously, praying Cersei could keep herself safe long enough.Soon, Cersei's car pulled out outside the company. Cersei's hands
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Darien in the scene
10Cersei gasped as chaos erupted around her. The crash of shattering glass was deafening, followed by a gunshot that seemed to freeze time itself. Her bodyguard dropped to the ground, blood pooling around his head. Screams and shouts followed. In that split second of chaos and noise, two things happened at once. Two brothers and their gang leaped out from the crashed car, guns blazing. They fired wildly in all directions, fuelled by desperation and rage. Their sole focus was getting to the rumored golden apple before the cops closed in. At the same time, the old man, realizing his dream was crumbling and fearing for his life, did the only thing he could.He grabbed Cersei and pulled her away from the security checkpoint. "Quick, this way!" he yelled, dragging her towards a nearby office area. Cersei struggled in his grip but dared not call out, the gun still firmly pressed against her back. They burst into a large open office filled with cubicles and desks. Cersei was shakin
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