Chapter 1949 Wallace and Vera Get Engaged (1)

At Isabel's house, she is about to throw Katherine out if she doesn't admit her sins and stop calling her remaining child 'Wally'.

“Stop calling my son by his nickname.” She angrily warns her, “You don't have the intimacy. The engagement is between him and Vera Reis.”

Katherine sneers, “After everything I've heard about this girl, is he still going to marry her? And I won't even delve into the story that took place during the 80's... Josias told me every spicy detail...”

Isabel grabs Katherine by the arm and pulls her off the couch, “I need to finish my work, so get out of here, you crazy girl!”

“Isabel Freire!” Katherine exclaims outraged, “See how you treat Josias Rocha's wife! I am the most powerful lady in this city, remember that!”

Isabel smiles confidently, “Well, wait until Josias finds out what you came to my house to do! You may be his wife, but I'm his best friend's mother. The Freire family is under the protection of your husband, so YOU are the one who owes me respect!”

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