Chapter 1948 Two Cheerleaders

Maggie and Bernardo visit Gabriela at the hospital. She's better, the color is back in her face, and she's ready to get even.

“Mrs. Marçal... Maggie... Thank you so much for always being by my side. And I’m sorry for making the situation worse.”

Bernardo is startled, “What do you mean by that, my dear? None of this was your fault!”

“If we think about it calmly, yes it was...” Gabriela sinks into the pillows, “I provoked the crazy woman and she fell on top of me, spanking me as if she were a boxer. I thought I was going to die...”

Tears begin to form in Gabriela's eyes.

Maggie strokes her hair, “Don't worry, Gabriela. You didn't know the creature, but Katherine always had a history of hysteria and histrionics. The education she received from her father in the countryside was not the best.”

“I still don't understand what went wrong.” Gabriela sniffs, “Looks like she just confirmed what we wrote was true. It would be much easier to write to us claiming that the insinuation we have made i
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