Chapter 1951 Wallace and Vera Get Engaged (3)

Simeon, Dora, and Caio arrive at the Rocha Hotel ballroom. Wallace greets the new arrivals.

“Where is Will?” he asks effusively.

Dora is embarrassed as she answers, “Wallace, we're so sorry. Will said he doesn't feel comfortable seeing everyone getting married while he remains single. Therefore, he decided to take care of the pizzeria and allowed us to come and honor you.”

“Congratulations, Wallace!” Simeon exclaims with a forced smile.

Wallace smiles and decides not to overextend on this matter.

But Vernon would suggest to one of his staff reporters, “Write in the story: Melissa Mountain’s loser younger brother, Will Campos, refused to attend the engagement lest he feels more miserable than he already is.”

The reporter chuckles as he takes notes.

Francisco and Rodrigo are next to arrive, “Hey, we're not late, are we?”

Isabel is impressed by her boyfriend's elegance in a tuxedo, “Wow... it was worth the wait. You look so cute, Francisco.”

Francisco approaches Isabel and whispers an ob
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