Chapter 1952 Wallace and Vera Get Engaged (4)

Josias raises his champagne glass, “A toast to the fiancée and fiancé!”

“TO THEM!” Everyone toasts and takes a sip.

Wallace and Vera share a chaste kiss and everyone cheers. Reporters are delighted with many photos with flashes.

Finally, the party continues. The DJ, seeing many children, played the song “Bring It All Back” by S Club 7.

Reuben exclaims, “Whoa, let's dance, guys!”

The adults laugh and let the kids have fun on the dance floor. Josias perks up and tucks himself in with them. Photographers also record this moment.

Melissa smiles satisfyingly and nods to Kelvin, “Look, honey. Josias managed to stay with his three children at the same time. Look how Alan is very friendly with J.J.”

“That is, that talk that the two half-brothers would dispute the throne of Rocha Constructions was nothing more than some intrigue by Katherine.” Kelvin responds, “I'm glad she didn't come.”

Melissa breaks her smile and says, “Kelvin, Bernie and Maggie are hatching a plan to replace Kate. They say
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