Chapter 1955 Who Is Innocent Does Not Hide

Melissa visits Maggie to announce that she has decided to participate in her plan. She finds her at Marçal Publishing, in her office, not knowing that Josias is in Bernardo's office.

“Hello, Melissa!” Maggie gestures, “Come in, come in! If you came to know, Gabriela is already in our apartment.”

Melissa is surprised, “Huh? Shouldn't she rest at her house?”

“She should have, but I jumped at the opportunity.” Melissa winks like a mischievous little girl, “While Henrique is at daycare, she rests. Afterward, she takes care of him while the nanny takes a trip to Paris with her husband.”

“Is the husband that wealthy to travel to Paris?” Melissa widens her eyes.

Maggie shakes her head, “No, Melissa, I paid for the plane tickets. My nanny deserves it for taking good care of my prince all these years, don't you think?”

Melissa laughs. She pulls up a chair and sits down, “I came to tell you that I agree to help in whatever way possible for Josias to divorce Kate.”

Maggie is even more excited, “
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