Chapter 1962 A Familiar Environment

Josias corners Katherine in one of the bedroom walls. Her action was virile and truculent, and Katherine's back hit the wall, hurting her.

“OUCH! Josias, you're hurting me...”

“Don't you think it hurts me to see you getting involved in scandal and confusion when everything could be resolved by telling the truth?” Josias asserts fiercely.

Katherine struggles in vain, “Stop it! I already told the truth! Cláudio Guzman is a pervert and I was a fool to defend him!”

“On that, we agree!” Josias retorts with gnashed teeth, “I wanted to fire him in my way, but you wouldn't listen and pestered me for days. Now you're the one who goes around posing as more offended than I am. Why?”

Katherine feels tears in her eyes, “It's because... I felt like crap...”

“After he sexually abused you? You said nothing extreme happened! Why did you act worse than a wild animal toward Gabriela Alves? She's going to sue you and I couldn't reverse it!”

“We're going to sue her for the article, honey, we're going to g
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