Chapter 1963 Who Do We Really Support

Daryl is outraged by Katherine's audacity to subpoena Cláudio, “My friend, this cannot be happening! Many people I know believe that this is all a hoax! You cannot let this woman ruin your reputation!”

Cláudio smiles satisfied, “I thought the whole town would support Josias Rocha.”

“We support JOSIAS ROCHA, that is the question!” Daryl passionately states, “We disavow anyone who causes him problems, like Will Campos, and now, the wife who isn’t looking to me as worthy of carrying the last name.”

“What a troublemaker.” Claudio begins to read the subpoena, “OK, since she wants to be humiliated in public, so be it. Yesterday I gave my statement to Vernon Queiroz, he probably already covered everything in today's article.”

Suddenly, Ivan and Amoreira catch up with him.

“No, he hasn’t published it yet, which is good.” Ivan retorts.

Daryl and Cláudio are shocked.

“Mr. Amoreira, Sergeant Moraes.” Daryl greets them, “Good morning. We were talking about...”

Ivan's gaze goes straight to the doc
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