Chapter 1965 Nervous Breakdown

Josias is desperate when he hears the secretary's information, “What did you say, Pollyanna? Kate had a stroke? She's too young for that!”

“I don't know, sir, I just know that she fainted just like people do when they have this health problem! She was pretty stressed and asked me for an aspirin, but when I barely came in...”

“OK, I'm going to the hospital now!” Josias turns off the cell phone.

Bernardo, Maggie, and Vernon are astonished to the fullest.

“Son...” Vernon tries to ask, “Is it serious?”

“I'll see, Dad! Pass the message on to them!” Josias rushes to the hospital.

Bernardo turns to Vernon, “What did he mean?”

Vernon gulps, “He asked us to hold the bomb. It looks like he wants to try one more time to resolve this mess without involving the courts.”

Maggie complains, “Then he shouldn't have let his wife carry on with this nonsense and issue subpoenas. I hope she recovers and reconsiders her actions.”

“I better go with him.” Vernon also dashes for the hospital.

Maggie closes th
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