Chapter 1966 Josias, Best Actor

At Crystal Blue, Vernon and Bernardo talk about the unexpected turn of events. They're at the bar, and Diane is making their drinks.

“I had to withhold Mr. Guzman.” Vernon explains as if he had heard William's complaint, “I couldn't just publish while my son is suffering in the hospital. I don't want to win over a tragedy.”

“Here, gentlemen.” Diane hands them glasses, “That was a very noble decision, Mr. Queiroz.”

Daryl approaches them, “Now let's hope Kate recovers and backs off from trying to sue everyone, right? I mean, it was because she couldn't handle the pressure that she passed out, right?”

Bernardo replies solemnly, “The doctors ruled out a stroke, which is just as well.”

“So let's get positive thoughts.” Daryl gestures and winks at Diane.

The door opens and Claudio enters. He finds Vernon and strides over to him, “Hey, Mr. Queiroz! Weren't you going to publish my testimony about Kate Rocha today?”

Bernardo does 'pff' and spits out the sip due to the scare he took.

Vernon wid
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