Chapter 1986 David Is Back

In Melissa's office (once Josias's), they both discuss David's future in Lagoon City.

Melissa begins, concerned, “Josias, I think it's wonderful that you're bringing your son to live together. Indeed, having the four children together will be an exciting experience. David will no longer feel rejected and lonely.”

Josias smiles in assent, “David swears he never felt this way, but you're right Melissa.”

Melissa continues, “How is Kate going to take this one though? You know she didn't like it when Alan was at her mansion because he was suspicious of her attraction to Claudio.”

Josias breaks the smile, “Are we still having this conversation? I was informed by Tiago that Cláudio Guzman decided to move to Boston. May he be able to rebuild his life there.”

“He RAN AWAY because your crazy wife was out to kill him!” Melissa frets, “Let's put it the way it is, Josias.”

Josias takes a deep breath, “OK. I'm aware that Kate isn't behaving well. That's why I traveled to Rio de Janeiro, to see if s
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