Chapter 2020 We Found Our Model

Josias is back in his office. The desk phone rings and he answers it.


On the other side, Gabriela tries to appease João Paulo's anger, “Hello, Josias. This is Gabriela.”

Josias smiles, “Hello, Gabriela. How can I be of help? Does Maggiezine want an interview with me about my estimates for the year 2000?”

I want a nude shoot with you!” Gabriela doesn't dare voice her immoral desires out loud, “Actually, I wanted to know if João Paulo informed you about your wife.”

“What about Kate?” Josias is on the alert.

“Doctors are carrying out physical therapy tests on her to see if she will become paraplegic,” Gabriela explains cautiously.

Josias widens his eyes, “Kate, paraplegic? No doctor informed me of this!”

“Well, I was about to interview her, but Dr. Braggart was talking to her and there was this doubt. Your wife complained that she was unable to move her legs.”

Josias frets, “Oh,

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