Chapter 2019 My Father Doesn't Believe Me

At Marçal Publishing, Vernon tries to calm João Paulo who is walking in circles in the office.

“How many memories I have of this old office... Son, you can't be shaken by this kind of situation.”

“Dad, my colleague who was supposed to mentor me at the company was trying to harm Kate again!” João Paulo goes to the phone, “I need to tell Josias about this!”

Vernon puts his big hand on the telephone set, preventing João Paulo from saying, “NO, son! Don't make your brother nervous about anything. He has a lot of priorities at the moment.”

João Paulo takes a deep breath, “You are right. Josias is a very busy man, he doesn't have to worry about my grumbling.”

“But son, remember that you don't have to be so faithful to Katherine.” Vernon advises him, “She's been a bubonic plague and she reaped what she sowed. We all thought that was going to be the end of her, but God, in his infinite mercy, sent Everaldo to let her live a little longer to repent of her sins.”

“She will never regret it if pe
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