Chapter 2022 Affective Memory

Teresa appears in the lobby of the Teodoro building. Beto finished nailing to the wall the portraits of Uélton and Harold.

The radio now plays “Holler” by The Spice Girls, making Beto laugh.

“What was it, dear?”

“Rose always complains that the radio only plays romantic music when she's around Patrick, and now that they're in school, the radio plays pop music.”

Teresa smiles, “Honey, you can get ready to receive a marriage proposal.”

Beto gets off balance and nearly falls down the ladder, “Wow! What is it, love? Isn't it too early for this stage?”

Teresa bursts out laughing, “Oh doting father, ha, ha, ha!”

Beto composes himself, “Our daughter needs to graduate and get a job.”

“I don't think that will happen as long as she keeps distracted with Pat.”

“Who is Pat?” Beto raises his eyebrows.

Teresa laughs

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