Chapter 2023 Hate Turning Love

Patrick returns from school accompanied by his father, Zedekiah. The lobby radio is now playing “Californication” by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Patrick is also surprised by the coincidence, “See, Dad? Where is Rosemary to prove to her that it's not me who keeps changing the radio station to romantic ballads to seduce her?”

Zedekiah smiles satisfactorily, “Son, I am proud of you. You’re truly a man! You're in love with our landlord's daughter.”

Patrick's eyes widen, “What are you talking about, Dad? Rosemary hates me!”

“But YOU love her, right?” Zedekiah stares deeply into his son's eyes.

Patrick pulls back his father's steady gaze, “I don't know. There are times I want to strangle her.”

“And there are times you want to spend all night making love to her passionately, don't you?” Zedekiah smiles mischievously, “Son, you are free to get the girl you wan

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