Chapter 2026 David Is Angela's Son

At Crystal Blue, Daryl and Diane hurriedly instructed the chefs and sous chefs to prepare the famous grilled salmon and at the last minute instructed the waiters about the 'promotion' so that Josias doesn't find out the truth.

So when customers started arriving, there was indeed a sign advertising a discount on the grilled salmon dish.

“Look, let's enjoy it!” They said.

Kelvin takes up his post as maître d and is amazed at his older brother's ingenuity, “That was pretty quick, huh? Sorry for making up the lame excuse, bro.”

Daryl smiles contentedly, “Don't feel guilty. No one wanted to celebrate that bitch's victory. She's laughing now, but tomorrow the crying will come.”

“Especially if she comments negatively about Everaldo, just like she promised Alan.” Kelvin shakes his head, “Meanwhile, we have her rival's son watching everything.”

Daryl giggles, “That's Alan's talk.

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