Chapter 2065 A Cycle That Ends

At Rocha Constructions, Katherine feels that she will be working out the terms of the divorce right there in Josias Rocha's cold and impersonal office since they have not signed any prenuptial agreements.

“If I had known it would come to this point, I would have remembered the agreement.” Katherine grits her teeth in dissatisfaction.

“We thought our marriage would last forever.” Josias reasons, “I fought until the last moment, Kate. But you are the one who voiced the idea.”

Kate barks, “It's because I don't want to be in this situation anymore! You were interacting romantically—” Seeing that Josias was going to interrupt her, “DON'T INTERRUPT ME! I don't care how many times you deny it; you were indeed romantically interacting with Gabriela Alves! All you had to do was feed her strawberries and whipped cream in some motel suite!”

“You were supposed to be there.” Josias tries to

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