Heir To The Dragon Empire

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Heir To The Dragon Empire

By: Suczy OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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'Life has a way to reward the good and punish the wicked,' It was the same for the young man named Brandon Arnis. A young man brought up in the backstreet area of Chicago by a single mother who died untimely to cancer. Even when death took away his mother after being unable to pay for her treatment, Brandon never had a reason to question his identity as a poor man nor did he fight too hard against life that had treated him so unfairly by giving the identity of a pauper. It was all in the hands of fate and that was the way he believed. All humans' destiny has been controlled by fate and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Yet, he began to question if fate was against him after experiencing the heart shattering betrayal from his wife of three years. Who left him for a much richer man because he could not afford to sponsor her expensive lifestyle. Fuelled by rage and heartbreak he got into a fight with his wife's lover which led to him finding out the hidden secret about his real identity. Suddenly thrown into an unfamiliar world of the wealthy where a close friend could turn around to stab you in the back and your enemy could serve as the strongest shield. Will Brandon allow life to reward the good and punish the wicked or will he be the ultimate judge of the people in his life?

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Chapter 1
"Brandon, you'll be in charge of the third VIP room; we are having some important guests tonight, and we can't afford to treat them sloppily," Aaron, the manager of the White Gold club, instructed as he glanced at the young man, with curly brunette hair and a pair of hazel eyes, standing by the door, dressed in a neatly ironed white and black uniform.Brandon frowned at the manager's instructions, and he opened his mouth, wanting to refute them, when Aaron lifted his hand to stop him. "I know what you want to say, but I'm afraid I can't change it this time," Aaron voiced with a shake of his head."The guest specifically asked that you be the one to serve them tonight. I tried asking why since you don't attend to VIP guests, but they insisted. They also promised a huge payment and lots of tips for you," Aaron explained."Are you sure they aren't up to something illegal? You know how fussy those VIP guests are, and that's why you never allowed me to serve them. Aren't you confused as to
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Chapter 2
"Don't you like my present? It took me much effort to find it since you were so painstakingly hiding it from the world. After tonight, you won't have to hit it anymore, what do you say?" Young Master Dean asked with an amused smile as he stared at the woman's pale face and at Brandon's confused one. Seeing there was no response from the two, young Master Dean pulled the woman to her feet and brought her closer to himself, caressing her exposed curvy waist seductively while looking into Brandon's eyes daringly.Brandon looked from the blonde woman to the young master, trying but failing to register what was going on.He knew right from the time his nerves had decided to act up, that today was not going to go smoothly for him, but he had never been expecting such a jaw-dropping surprise. With one last attempt to make sure he was not hallucinating, Brandon closed his eyes, pinched his nose bridge, and then opened his eyes again to see the scene had changed from the young master caressi
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Chapter 3
Angered by Brandon's defiant attitude, Young Master Dean pushed him backwards roughly while aiming to punch him in the face.Being a person who constantly worked out, Brandon was able to easily dodge the blow while sending one of his own that connected with young Master Dean's flawless face. As the punch came into contact with Dean's face, he staggered back while holding his face in pain. "You damned peasant! How dare you raise your hand against me! I'm going to kill you! What are you waiting for? Get him for me!" He bellowed angrily as he signaled to his bodyguards.Brandon, who had lost his rational thinking to anger, stood with his head held high as the huge bodyguards charged at him. He was able to dodge the first few punches sent his way; however, he was soon sent into the wall as the bodyguards attacked at the same time.As his back hit the wall with a loud explosive sound, the wall caved in, and Brandon coughed out a mouthful of blood as he slid down the wall onto his buttocks
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Chapter 4
"You are the famous director of the Dragon Empire?" Brandon was surprised as he gave the man a look over. From his behavior and how young the man appeared to be, he found it really unbelievable that he was the famous director managing the Dragon Empire.Dragon Empire is a group of companies that cut across several sectors of the country's economy. The empire is said to rule seventy percent of the national economy and is also a force to be reckoned with in the international market.Unlike many huge businesses around the globe with a long history, it is said that the Dragon Empire is a first-generation wealth, and the previous CEO worked tirelessly to get it where it is without dying under the pressure of the big companies with a long history.And everywhere the empire is mentioned, there is always the name Henry Adams accompanying it. The man who had single-handedly managed both the national and international affairs of the empire after the passing of the former CEO, who had no heir
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Chapter 5
"I don't think I understand what is going on here, Mr. Henry. I grew up with my mother in the back street of Chicago. All of my childhood memories are intact, without a missing piece. I've seen several pictures of my mother during her pregnancy with me and pictures of her holding me while I was an infant. I have some of those pictures in my apartment."My mother had never once mentioned to me that I was adopted, so I don't understand how I can be the young master you are looking for," Brandon breathed out as he took in Henry's serious face as he declared his words.No matter how he thought about it, he could not bring himself to accept the obvious truth staring him deep in his soul. The truth is in the form of a picture. The baby in the cot looks exactly like his baby pictures. The one he had with the mother he had known all his life. With a shake of his head, he continued, trying so hard to convince himself that what he believed in was reality. "I only came to California to study,
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Chapter 6
Cassandra's face flushed with anger as she glared at Henry, her voice cold and demanding. "Who are you?! How dare you speak to me so rudely?!""I don't care who you are, but if you raise your hand against Young Master Brandon again, you'll have yourself to blame!"Henry replied calmly, unfazed by her rude outburst. Having been in the circle for a long time, he was most familiar with these kinds of people and had long learned how to deal with them.As he was about to continue his argument with Cassandra, Brandon cleared his throat awkwardly, silently asking Henry to leave the situation for him to handle.A small chuckle escaped Cassandra's lips as she smiled at the two mockingly. "Young Master? You call this pauper a young master? You can't be serious! I bought everything he has on him! He has nothing to his name, and he's been busy proclaiming himself as a young master." She asked with a raised voice, attracting the attention of the passersby.Dean, who had accompanied her, stood aside
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Chapter 7
"Here, sign it," Cassandra declared smugly as she brought out a stack of divorce papers that she had prepared beforehand. Brandon took the papers and read through them carefully, trying to find if there were any traps in them.Confirming there was none, he picked up the papers and began to sign without much as an argument or a complaint. Cassandra stared in shock at the stone-cold Brandon signing the divorce papers without any hesitation. Despite wanting the divorce, she never imagined he would sign it easily, so casually. Like, she never meant anything to him.He had agreed way too easily for her liking, which made her feel insulted that he didn't beg or at least fight to keep her.She would not have agreed, but at least it would make her feel like a winner for a long time.Looking at the signed papers, she felt cheap and annoyed. She stared fixedly at him, trying to see any slight change in his expressionless face to show she had won. She had made him feel less than a man, but al
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Chapter 8
"Have you thought about it?" Henry asked with a serious expression as Brandon stood by the door of the Dragon Mansion after walking through the city to clear his thoughts all afternoon."I have, and I've decided to go along with all this; whatever all this is, I want to stop being so mediocre," Brandon replied firmly. "Even if I never knew any of them, I'll try my best, as this is a good will left to me by an old man on his dying bed," he added, and Henry relaxed his tense expression as he breathed out a sigh of relief before smiling at Brandon."I have said it before, but it wasn't at the proper time, so I'm going to do it again." Henry voiced as he bowed his head towards the stunned Brandon, "Welcome home, young master Brandon. My name is Henry Adams, and I am your faithful surrogate. I'll be your sword and shield, and you can rest easy as the dragon of the dragon empire." As he declared his words, all the staff in the mansion gathered at the entrance, forming two straight lines o
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Chapter 9
"Master Brandon, you should allow the maids to do that for you; that's what we get paid for," Leah, the cook, voiced shakily as she walked into the kitchen after her break to see Brandon cutting himself a plate of fruit. A cold shiver ran down her back at the thought of how livid Henry would be if he found out about Brandon serving himself. "Give it to me; I'll be done in no time," she announced as she moved closer, trying to take up the task from him. "It's fine; I can do it myself. It's just a plate of fruit," Brandon replied calmly as he continued to peel the apple like he had done thousands of times in the past."I heard you will be in charge of the banquet menu; what will be on the menu, if I may ask?" Brandon questioned, trying to make small talk to help her relax and get used to his presence since it would soon become an everyday occurrence in the mansion.Suddenly getting served when he had been the one doing the serving all his life made him feel awkward and uncomfortable,
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Chapter 10
"What are you?" Brandon asked in confusion after waking up to see that the panel was still very much floating in front of him. ''What do you want from me? Who sent you, and how did you get into the ring?" He continued, voicing all the questions in his mind as he continued to watch the panel wearily.'I am the dragon system.' The system replied, 'I am from the darkest part of the abyss. I was made by an entity who lived a life of regrets, and in order to help others not live a regretful life, I was made.''I am here to help you achieve all your dreams and aspirations, and I have always lived in the ring, even before I met your grandfather,' the system explained.'I have been programmed with tasks and rewards to help you live an enjoyable life while achieving your goals in life. These tasks and rewards were made by the creator and others like him who had lived a regretful life.''In return for the system's help, the host will have to live an upright and helping life. Your wealth and k
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