The Rise of the Useless Son-in-Law

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The Rise of the Useless Son-in-Law

By: Enigma Stone Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Becoming a son-in-law of the eminent Brown family, I was deemed the useless one, laughed at by all as a good-for-nothing. Three years on, with the trial overcome, wielding power over the world, possessing wealth beyond measure. Once helpless to spare you from humiliation's bitter draught, now returned a king, I shall see you revel in boundless fortune and glory...

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266 chapters
Chapter 1: The Useless Son-in-Law of the Brown Family
"Mr. Wesley, please come back with me, the Wesley family needs you!""Lord Wesley asked me to apologize on his behalf to you. He has been feeling so sorry all along. He really loves you! ""For compensation, you will get full control of the Macro Vision, one of the major enterprises of the Great Wesley, which will facilitate your smoother takeover of the entire family in the future."On a bustling street in the Emerald City, a young man dressed plainly stood there with a bottle of milk in his hand. He stared at the richly dressed old gentleman in front of him, his expression indifferent."Watch your address to me! No Wesley here! Since he expelled me from the family ten years ago, Jason Wesley has died. Now standing in front of you is Jason Gray!""I don't need his so-called compensation, or any charity. I have no interest in inheriting the Wesley family, either. Instead, I would be more than happy to destroy it!"Upon hearing this, the old gentleman's face became very embarrassed, se
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Chapter 2: The Counterfeit Antique
Jason chuckled, and then the whole hall fell into silence with a faint sentence. Counterfeit? How is that possible? No one would offend the Browns on such an important occasion! "Jason Gray, you idiot! What do you mean ‘counterfeit’? You must be talking nonsense because of jealousy about Chris!" At Jason's words, Margaret's eyes flared in an immediate fit of rage, glaring at him venomously. "Margaret, You should improve your cultural literacy more, instead of being fooled by your boyfriend with a fake here and losing the face of the Browns." Jason replied. Upon hearing Jason’s words, Christopher seemed to be a little nervous, but he still firmly looked at Margaret, as if to say. “Sweetie, trust me! That bastard was framing me out of jealousy!” "Enough, Jason! Don't speak anymore." Susan's face turned even darker. What had gotten into his husband today? How dare he speak so audaciously in this gathering? Admist the accusations and disapproval of the guests, even she felt that
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Chapter 3: The Favoritism of Old Brown
Standing beside his grandfather, Robert Brown was taken aback. He knew well that the Ruby pendant was not the one lost by the Brown family. The entire Brown family was familiar with old Brown's entrepreneurial tale, and they knew that nothing was more important to him than recovering the two Ruby pendants. Therefore, he had gone to great lengths to forge this Ruby pendant. Seeing that his grandpa was siding with him, Robert was instantly relieved of his worries. "You, a useless son-in-law, have an understanding of jewels? This unique treasure, I guess you've never even seen one before, dare to question?" "Where is the security? Security, aren't you going to get this troublemaker out of the banquet?" Robert Brown yelled at Jason Gray, feigning rage. "James, you really should discipline your useless son-in-law. He's causing a ruckus at the Brown family gathering again and again!" Anthony Brown, Robert's father, also stood up and shouted at Susan's father. He knew that once his s
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Chapter 4: Stripped of Heirship
"Wesley?" "There's no famous Wesley family in Emerald City, where does it come from?" "Could it be... the Wesley of Metropolis Central? That massive commercial empire standing at the apex of the world!" "Do the Browns have any connection with the Wesley family? It's too inconceivable!" The guests couldn't help but speculate, startled by their own theories. However, old Brown clearly knew that there’s no connection but only a huge gap between Brown and Wesley. A senior gentleman, about sixty and clad in a suit, walked into the banquet hall, followed a group of subordinates, with various betrothal gifts in their hands. Boxes of gold coins, countless jewels, a dozen or so antiques of obvious value... Seeing the treasure continuously brought in, the members of the Brown family were dumbfounded. They had never seen so many treasures in their lives. They couldn't help carefully examining each piece, careful as if afraid to touch, fearing those treasures couldn't afford any damages.
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Chapter 5: Just Some Petty Cash
The next morning, Jason brought Susan to Macro Vision Group, where brisk professionals exuded elite astuteness. Three businesses thrived in Emerald City - real estate, jewelry, and medicinal herbs. Located in the central region, Emerald City's flat fertile land was perfect for cultivating herbs. That was the core of Brown Group's enterprise. The contract Susan aimed to sign was for sales. Brown Group had massive stock, and Macro Vision had the top distribution channels. It would be a powerful alliance. The Browns could then dominate the market, becoming the biggest herb supplier in Emerald City. This deal would elevate their status significantly. Many companies desperately wanted this contract, offering tempting conditions. Susan had no confidence the Browns had any edge to secure it. Was success really possible? "Jason, are you...sure I can?" Susan asked uncertainly, biting her lip. Jason smiled reassuringly. "Trust me, Macro Vision's boss is my friend. You definitely can. I'l
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Chapter 6: Warmth of Long Absence
On the other end, Robert laughed loudly, thumping his chest in excitement. "I knew Brother Christopher loves jewels. Once Grandfather sees the sales contract and Susan is crushed, with Southside Branch in my hands, the pendant is yours." "Poor Susan, quite the pathetic creature. I'll make sure everyone sees your failure," Robert sneered sinisterly, elated at the thought of Southside Branch becoming his, and the profits it would bring. After hanging up, he hurriedly called Grandfather Brown and the others to meet. Soon that lucrative branch would be his! Just thinking about it thrilled him. Meanwhile at Macro Vision Group, the satisfied Christopher Anderson hung up just as a dark-faced man appeared silently at his door - deep eyes chilling. "Daniel...Mr. Smith?" It was none other than Daniel Smith, the son Jason had seen with John Smith. Daniel's face was stony. "Exploiting power for personal gain, Christopher? You've got some nerve. Have you forgotten what I told you?" His word
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Chapter 7: Whose Contract is Real?
"Grandpa, Robert's contract is already invalid. I also have a contract here!" Saying so, Susan handed her freshly signed contract to old Brown. Although a little displeased, old Brown still took it with patience to look over. Just when everyone was anxious, old Brown suddenly frowned and looked up sternly, scoffing, "Susan, I know you're under a lot of pressure, but you shouldn't try to fool me with a fake contract." "Do you know you can face serious legal consequences for this? And this forgery is too preposterous!" Upon old Brown's words, the Brown family relatives were secretly delighted. "A fake? I knew there was no way she could have signed when we all failed. Only Robert had a chance with this contract." "Shame on you Susan! I always thought you were so well-behaved, never expecting you to do something so foolish. Are you trying to get kicked out of the Brown family together with that useless Jason Gray?" "That's right, that's Macro Vision Group you dared to forge a contra
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Chapter 8: I Have Money
With old Brown's words, the relatives all shut their mouths instantly. Even Anthony Brown didn't dare make a peep, and no one dared to retort. Robert Brown was as frustrated and upset as if he'd swallowed a dead fly. No matter how unwilling he was, Grandpa had already spoken. How could he defy him? The office had been thrown into disarray earlier, so Susan didn't want to bother with him anymore. She left with Jason first, using preparing materials as an excuse to head home. The old Brown and uncles also left, all in pretty good moods. They were going to earn big this time, but it remained to be seen if it would be enough to redeem the other pendant. The relatives crowded around again, clamoring indignantly, "Robert, we can't let Susan Brown gain power anymore, or we'll all have to look at her face everyday." "That's right. Even a useless fool like Jason dares to step over our heads. It's truly infuriating..." Robert Brown gritted his teeth as a sinister look flashed in his eyes.
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Chapter 9: Payment Successful
This commotion attracted some attention. Many glanced at the black card in Jason's hand, unable to look away. What was that card? Why was it pitch black? The onlookers were all wealthy figures or members of prominent families, with accounts at every major bank. Yet none had seen such an oddly ugly bank card. "What rubbish is that? Picked up from some trash heap?" someone sneered. The female clerk also frowned at the black card. Nowadays, all sorts came in, but bringing a shabby card to buy a sapphire necklace? Working here over a year, she had seen everything. But never this worthless-looking card. No doubt it was empty. She immediately scoffed, "Are you done? A sapphire necklace worth millions, and you want to buy it with that card? Is it a supermarket coupon? Or a barbershop membership card?" "Judging by how you're dressed, you probably don't even have a hundred dollars to your name. A light bulb here costs more than your net worth. Ever heard of biting off more than you can c
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Chapter 10: Enigmatic Purchaser
Susan's eyes glazed over, blinded by the dazzling light. What could be sparkling so brightly? One of those glowing novelty gifts for straight men sold online? When her beautiful eyes finally reopened, she was stunned by the sight before her. Inside the jewelry box sat a magnificent, shimmering, crystalline sapphire necklace, so exquisite and elegant. Under the lamp light, the many faceted gemstones radiated kaleidoscopic brilliance. It was incredibly refined and pure - any woman would fall hopelessly in love at first sight, even men would be enthralled. Simply breathtaking. "This...this..." Susan stammered, too delighted for words. Jason smiled with satisfaction, "I noticed you admiring this necklace today. It's been three years and I haven't gotten you anything. I like it?" "Ah? I..." Susan was dumbfounded. Today? The necklace? She suddenly recalled seeing it in the Macro Vision Group promotional video this morning. She did feel a twinge of envy back then. Jason mus
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