Chapter 2071 General Concern

At Vernon's apartment, João Paulo quickly switches the 24-hour news for music videos as soon as he hears the door open.

When Josias enters the living room, his younger brother is apparently watching the music video for Cold Play's song “Trouble.”

Josias smiles yellowly, “At least someone is having fun around here. Good morning, bro.”

João Paulo doesn't say anything, just stands up and hugs his older brother tightly.

Vernon cleared his throat, “Josias, do you want to talk to the Mountain Penthouse folks?”

Josias undoes the hug and turns to his stepfather, “I don't think it's a good idea. I don't want to hear accusations and reprimands.”

Vernon wonders, “Melissa wouldn't do that.”

“Dad, Melissa is no longer the same one I fell in love with in 1980.” Josias lets his shoulders bend, “She's now Melissa Mountain, and she's been sucking in the air of

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