Chapter 2072 The Anonymous Sender's Fault

At William's house, Caio asks if his father has a heart in place of stone.

“Caio, despite my quarrels with Josias, I will never celebrate the death of his son who had nothing to do with it. I have learned my lesson concerning the death of Uélton.”

Caio smiles and sits down next to his father, “You were very foolish that year.”

William smiles out of the corner of his mouth, “In this year of 2000, I intend to be more reasonable. I hope Josias will accept my condolences.”

“How about looking for him?” Caio stands up, “I'll see where he is.”

“Try Vernon Queiroz's apartment.” William has a mental snap, “Josias wouldn't be alone in the mansion with the other hellion.”

Caio nodded and dialed Vernon's apartment number.

On the other side, João Paulo answers, “Hello?”

“Uncle John, this is Caio. Is Uncle Josias there?”<

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