Chapter 2075 Accusations and Revelations

Gabriela arrives just in time to hear Melissa reveal her publicly. She was in a knee-length black dress, wanting to participate in the mourning. But now she feels naked in the face of so many accusing and judgmental looks.

“I... Ehr... I wanted to pay condolences...”

João Paulo steps forward, “Gabi, come in. Maybe you’ve arrived at an excellent time.”

Gabriela struggles, “Are you crazy, John? I don’t want to get involved in this discussion! I thought everyone was taking care of the burial arrangements!”

João Paulo squeezes the grip of his hands and leads Gabriela inside, “Let’s clear up this misunderstanding.”

Melissa sneers, “Then we’ll have to bring Tiago Bento to confirm.”

Josias looks meaningfully at Melissa and she understands that Tiago was not mistaken.

Gabriela is dying of shame, “Guys, why are you talking about this?”

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