A Symphony's Harmony

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A Symphony's Harmony

By: Ayesha Raees OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A symphony's harmony is a fantasy fiction novel based on the story of Priscilla. She is renowned for her achievements in her war of being a successful musician. Therefore, she relates every single moment of her present life with her past junctures. But things get more interesting when she starts liking someone and shuffled herself in love triangle scenes that attain the attraction of a whole story. To be continued!

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29 chapters
Evacuation of the additional year.
12, June-2020(Time; 11:45 pm)A girl having golden brownish hair with fair skin and a thin body shape was sitting in the car's passenger seat while wearing a face mask and pink-colored frock.{Her name was Priscilla. She was approximately 168 meters in height and her weight was 48 Kg. She was 22 years old.Priscilla was a songwriter, a pianist, and a vocalist. Priscilla was kind to people and she was a half Italian British girl.}The car stopped in front of the bakery. Her car driver was assigned to get the cake from the bakery. She (Priscilla) was there to buy a birthday cake. It was her 22nd birthday.After sometime,That driver sat in the car and gave the birthday cake to Priscilla.Priscilla: "Have you got a disposable knife, fork, and plate with you?"The driver: "Yes mam."The driver started driving and within ten minutes, the car stopped on the dark road in front of the graveyard.The driver: "Mam, do you need me? It's not a safe place."Priscilla: "Hmm. Let's go but you bette
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A stage of misconceptions.
Kate smiled a bit and responded, "You stopped the car, and you let two strange girls sit in the car without asking an explanation."Grey: "Wow, I thought this place is not suitable for the celebrity to stand and wait."Priscilla looked at Grey and raised a question, "Who is a celebrity here?"Grey: "Of course miss, you are the celebrity, and you were going to miss the best performance there, moreover we both want to go to the same location so I let you get in the car without asking for an additional explanation because I hate inquiring people."Priscilla: "Oh! Thank you so much and don't worry. The performance cannot be started yet without my presence."Grey nodded his head as yes and started driving.Kate: "I am so sorry sir."Grey: "Sorry? About what?"Kate: "I misunderstood you."Grey: "It's alright I didn't mean it by the way are you the assistant of that girl?"Kate: "Yes, She is my boss."Grey: "I didn't have the idea that the VIPs nowadays don't own their vehicle for personal u
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A suffered connection.
Priscilla: "Yes, he is the man who gave me a lift today and he is here to watch my performance."Grey: "Right."Sasha: "You are right. Indeed, he is the man who gave you the lift and he is also here to watch your performance but he is not an ordinary man. He is the VIP guest of today's show."Priscilla: "What do you mean?"Sasha: "He is the son of the producer. Grey Allaire is also an entertainment reporter and a violinist."Priscilla: "Oh that reporter. No wonder he looks like a reporter."Priscilla looked at Grey and bowed her head while saying, "Thank you so much, Mr. Grey."Sasha looked at her wristwatch and said, "Now, as the guest and a performer are here so let's go and start the performance because it is not a good reason to make your fans wait or tired."Grey: "All the best Priscilla."Priscilla passed a bit smile.After a few minutes,Some members of the orchestra appeared.Everyone in the audience clapped.After setting, a leader of an orchestra pointed and signed to summon
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A specified questionnaire.
Doctor: "No, you just let her drink the recommended juice, and then she'll be fine."Priscilla: "I didn't sleep enough last night otherwise I am fine."Sasha: "Madam, you have 20 minutes to rest and freshen up. After that, the ceremony will start soon."Priscilla nodded her head as yes.The doctor stepped out of the room with Sasha.Grey met some other VIPs.After 20 minutes,Everyone at a music hall.Priscilla appeared in a hall.The light saxophone and violin were being played by some musicians.Priscilla was wearing a burgundy-colored patchwork lace cut-out V-Neck maxi with a tale and long sleeves. Her long hair was bound up in a high ponytail style.She looked gorgeous. Everyone was shocked while looking at her.Grey was amazed by her looks but he tried to ignore her attraction.Priscilla was smiling as if nothing had happened.She greeted every guest happy.They celebrated Priscilla's birthday by giving her luxurious gifts and cutting the cake.{Priscilla was a star (celebrity) i
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A beautiful belonging.
The lady was wearing a royal blue colored velvet fabric maxi gown with a smooth embroidery of black color.A bright skin tone with a dull golden hair color made her perfectly gorgeous.Her hair was the reason for her attraction, the mic fitted on her face mentioned her as a vocalist of the show.She was grabbing the arm of his partner in the arm an armed manner.Her partner was fair colored with black hair wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a royal blue colored bow tie in silk fabric.They were smiling at each other and walking forward.A seven years old little girl with fair skin having golden brown hair color stood up and waved towards the stage in excitement while loudly mumbling, "Mommy, Daddy!"She was looking like a fairy princess in her baby pink colored frock.An old man held her and whispered, "Hey Priscilla! Sit back you are making me feel awkward."A lady sitting with Priscilla inquired, "Are they your parents?"Priscilla: "Yes, That pretty woman is my mother and t
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Newest beginning.
A new day began,Priscilla was sleeping suddenly her door knocked.Priscilla: "Who is it?"A boy outside the room said, "Prissy, open the door. You slot!"[Prissy was the nickname of Priscilla. Her friends often summon her by this name.]Priscilla: "What now."A girl outside the room said, "Prissy, what's wrong with your mobile phone?"Another boy said, "You both are wasting your time in knocking, just break the door. She is not going to open it by herself."A girl outside replied, "Dylan, you are right. Let's count down to three.""Three, Two, and..."Suddenly Priscilla opened the door with her sleepy poker facial expressions.She was wearing her nightdress.A boy standing in the right front (who knocked on the door at first) had brownish-black hair color and a normal pale skin complexion. His name was Noah Ford. He was 23 years old European boy. He was kind. He was a professional car racer.Another boy who was standing on the left front (who gave the idea to break the door) had medi
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A well-known fact of a popularity.
***On the next day***Priscilla woke up early by herself and called Sasha.Sasha received a call and responded in a low and sleepy tone, "Hello."Priscilla: "Good morning Sasha."Sasha: "Who is it?"Priscilla: "It's me, Priscilla."Sasha became shocked and loudly said, "What? Am I dreaming?"Priscilla: "Dreaming? About what?"Sasha: "Did I sleep too much?"Priscilla: "What do you mean?"Sasha: "What is the time right now?"Priscilla: "It's eleven 'o clock in the morning."Sasha: "Oh I see. But why did you wake up this early?"Priscilla: "I want to go out shopping with you."Sasha: "Priscilla, I am sleepy. Please let me sleep some more. You better take Kate with you."Priscilla: "Have you forgotten that Kate is on leave for a week."Sasha: "Hmm, I forgot she asked permission from you to take a week off. Let's go in the evening then."Priscilla: "No, I want to go right now."Sasha: "Now it is useless to argue with a girl like you."Priscilla: "I am waiting for you. Come over here as soo
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Deceptive moment.
Suddenly all the lights of the music hall turned off and Everyone became quiet.Shein: "Hey, The performance has been started. let's talk later."Priscilla and Esme chuckled a bit and maintained their focus on the stage.There were two groups divided into teams.All the orchestra students (From the first team) appeared on the stage and played the classical symphony orchestra.Everyone was amazed by the performance of the first team but the second team was facing some issues during their performance.When their (second team's) performance ended, everyone was quiet and disappoint.but those students were facing some issues with their instruments.Priscilla was deeply attracted to that team and she stood up and clapped with smiling facial expressions in the entire hall.Everyone was confused but Esme and Shein smiled at stood up while giving the company to Priscilla.Priscilla wanted to cheer those students.Priscilla looked around to sign every single guest to cheer those students. Ever
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Obsessional eternity.
*******(Warning)*******{Author's note => This chapter contains some situations of depicted mental issues that might be upsetting for some readers.}***{Quiet the bad habit of smoking before this habit would kill you from inside and out.}****In the resort's lobby*Courtney, Noah, and Dylan were sitting on the couches.Courtney: "This girl never comes in time."Noah: "Let's go to her room."Dylan "No need to go, our glam is over there."Priscilla appeared in the lobby.Noah, Dylan, and Courtney looked at Priscilla.Noah: "Why did you get late, girl?"Priscilla: "I was getting ready. Oh by the way where are we going?"Dylan: "It's been a long while since we eat the street food and had fun in the crowded public place."Priscilla: "So what?"Noah stood up and said, "Let's go otherwise we'll get late."They headed to the food market.Courtney, Noah, and Dylan were sitting at the dining table that was allocated on the side of the small food stall. Courtney and Priscilla brought spicy food
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Yore remembrance.
One girl coughed a little and expressed a fake smile while saying, "Mam, I am your biggest fan."Priscilla chuckled a bit and responded: "Wow! Then I feel great to see my fans smoking and bad-mouthing about me even if they are on the edge of their big mistakes."Another girl replied: "Mam, we didn't know that it was you I mean we are not doing all this to enjoy our lives. Everyone has their personal problems, so do ours. Likewise we poor and homeless people release our tension by smoking."Noah: "Do you think that what you are doing is right for your life I mean it is going to harm yourself not anyone else and what do you think about tension? Moreover, depression or tension cannot be released by doing such kind of stupid act."A girl: "Sir you might be right but we have our reasons to do that."Priscilla: "What reasons made you smoke that badly?"Another girl: "We are pissed off with this life, the people around us. They just like to behave like slaves we hate being poor. Sorry to let
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