Chapter 2085 New Supermarket

At the Rocha Mansion, David is playing a video game by himself when the door opens to the living room where he is. Alan, Reuben, and Pedro enter with smirks.

David pauses the game, “HEY, who told you guys to come in?”

Reuben asks wryly, “Wow, is that how you greet us? Not even your brother?”

“He is my half-brother.” David retorts in disgust, “I tried to be the best brother and friend in the world, but Alan never gave me a chance.”

“Stop the drama because you are not Thalía.” Alan counters, “By the way, she's way prettier than you!”

Reuben and Pedro burst out laughing. David realizes that he no longer has his 'allies'.

“You still haven't answered me what you came here for.”

Pedro responds firmly, “Dude, stop crowing like a rooster. You're the youngest of us all here, we're the ones who should be bossing you around. We came to play video gam

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