Chapter 2084 Seeking Advice

Vernon visits the Rocha Hotel to see how his wife is coping. He is surprised to find her calmer, taking care of matters related to the hotel.

The Kitchen Chef is receiving rave reviews.

“Many comments from our guests rave about the food. I hope you and your team will continue to work hard towards perfection.”

“We do our best, Mrs. Queiroz! It’s a pleasure to work under Josias Rocha.”

Elza maintains her gentle smile, “We'll make sure the desired sea bass is not missing. You can withdraw.”

“Congratulations, chef!” Vernon awkwardly congratulates him.

After the chef leaves, Vernon jokingly asks, “Does he always wear that white vest and funny hat?”

“The vest is called a dolman.” Elza stands up, “How are you, dear?”

“I came here to see if you are calm yet.” Vernon approaches her, “You were pretty upset leaving.”


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