Chapter 2096 The Trouble Is With You

Rodrigo catches up with Nadia at the entrance to the supermarket, now Lafayette Supermarket. But before he actually approached her, the ogre brother appeared again.

“Nadia, you still haven’t explained to me who that abuser was who was charming you.”

“Don't be rude, Thierry!” Nadia embarrasses herself, “I was just chatting animatedly with the waiter!”

“Then talk about your life and avoid talking about mine!” Thierry grunts.

“And what do we have to talk about in your life?” Nadia counters ironically. Then she holds out the binder, “Do you want to lead the renovation inspection?”

“No chances!” Thierry recoils from the binder as if it were vomit, “That paint and cement smell makes me nauseous! I'm going home to take a shower and go to sleep.”

Nadia scoffs, “It's no use taking a shower if you're still wearing those tattered clothes and that

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