Chapter 2098 Alan Returns to the Manor

At Marçal Publishing, Josias confronts Bernardo and Maggie for the plan they devised for Gabriela to take Josias away from Kate.

Bernardo clears his throat unnecessarily, “Cah, Cah... Josias, calm down. The story is not like that. Gabriela was pretty upset when she was beaten nearly to death. But the article she wrote was not intended to damage your marriage.”

“No?” Josias is slow to believe.

Maggie responds, “That's right, Josias. If anyone was to blame for this, it was me. I approved the article. We researched and found out about Mr. Guzman and how he was being accused of sexually harassing the late Katherine.”

Josias nods, “I also thought the article would serve to demoralize the swim instructor, but Kate has become a target as well. She was so desperate that she could never tell me exactly what happened. Then... I found out she had overdone it. But I still believe that Gabriela took advantage of this ga

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