Chapter 2099 The First Conversation

João Paulo enters his office and finds Josias waiting for him.

“Hey, bro!” Josias greets him.

“Josias, what are you doing here?” João Paulo goes to his computer, “I just came from the Lafayette Supermarket. I did a nice interview with the owner. The old man is a good guy, and he promised not to sell expired rump.”

Josias chuckles, “You said the previous management did this?”

“No, it was more like a warning.” João Paulo blinks.

“Keep it up, and you will become our father's exact copy.” Josias jokingly states, “I had a chat with your bosses.”

“About Gabriela?” João Paulo turns on the computer.

“Yes.” Josias breaks the smile, “They swear they didn't know about Gabriela's vile intentions, but they confessed that they gave incentives.”

João Paulo frowns, “Even though they kn

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