Chapter 2113 Francisco and Isabel Get Married (1)

The wedding day of Isabel and Francisco arrived.

As agreed, they wanted to have a simple ceremony for their friends and family. But since the groom's niece was editor-in-chief of Maggiezine, an honorable mention in the next issue was inevitable.

Isabel wore a long white dress with lace detailing but without the classic wide skirt and stretching train. Francisco ditched the tuxedo and donned a simple-cut black suit.

The reverend's speech was given in the garden of Rocha Mansion. Josias was more than happy to offer his place.

The Reverend said, “Francisco and Isabel are the perfect examples that it’s never too late for love. As long as we still have breath in our lungs, we must never give up loving and being loved. And to the young couples who are present, a piece of advice: enjoy every second. Life brings us surprises. Do not waste moments that can be memorable.”

Vera and Wallace look at each other, sensing that the speech is appli

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