Chapter 2112 A Family Business

With fear and apprehension, Rodrigo and Nadia arrive at Happiness Slum and locate the Teodoro Building. They are greeted by Enya's song "Only Time".

Rosemary had her eyes closed, absorbing the song's excellence. Nadia narrows her eyes: if they're in the favela, how is this masterpiece played in the lobby of the building?

"This building was built in the wrong place," Nadia tells Rodrigo.

Rosemary opens her eyes and notices the presence of the couple, "Hello, welcome to— Rodrigo? Who is this elegant lady?"

"Rosemary, this is Nadia Lafayette, the new owner's daughter—"

"From the supermarket, I know. Pat and I went shopping and found mushrooms and artichokes. Also had asparagus and leeks." Rosemary praises the supermarket options, "My aunt Vera wanted to make a special dish for the tenants."

Nadia smiles, "I'm blown away by the beauty of the building. How did it get erected right here?"

Beto approaches them, coming from the ca

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