Chapter 2120 Beggar with Money

In Beto's apartment, he is drying Maycon after he takes a shower.

“Can you do this alone, son?”

“Yes!” Maycon responds very excitedly.

Teresa enters the room and smiles when she sees the interaction between father and son, “Don’t take too long to dress him, dear, or Maycon will catch a cold.”

“I know, honey.” Beto blinks. He goes to the dresser and picks up clean clothes for his son, “Are we going to wear the Spider-Man shirt?”

“I want!” Maycon jumps up and down with excitement.

Teresa informs her husband, “Beto, one of those beggars who have nowhere to drop dead has appeared. Patrick made a fuss about being the bum who accosted him and Rosemary at the entrance to the supermarket.”

Beto chuckles, “Is Pat feeling threatened by a homeless guy?”

“I don't know why so much jealousy if he hasn't asked our daughter on a date yet,” Teresa says jokingly.

Beto scratches his head, “My daughter has to go to college first… but I admit I wish she had her first relationship with Pat. He seems like a
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