Chapter 2119 Time to Discard the Useful Idiot

In the Mountain Penthouse, Kelvin is flabbergasted to hear from Simeon's mouth that Josias is suspicious of the entire Mountain family.

Melissa is equally aloof, “Dad, stop it! Josias wouldn't be able to—”

“For sure he would be able to.” Simeon retorts with a frown, “And if I may be allowed my opinion, to me it makes perfect sense.”

“SIMEON!” Kelvin exclaims with a fierce frown, “I don't allow my family to be maligned!”

Dora tsks with her tongue and asserts, “For anyone who thinks they are innocent, you are pretty nervous.”

“It's because we know what happens when someone irritates Josias Rocha,” Kelvin speaks in a shaky tone.

“Nobody is going to be thrown into a concrete tank.” Simeon shrugs, “These things only happen in gangster movies.”

Caroline turns to Melissa with pleading eyes, “Mom, did you cause Kate and J.J. to die?”

“No, my daughter!” Melissa hugs her daughter tightly, “Your mother wouldn’t be able to.”

Kelvin roars, “See what you're doing? You are stirring up intrigue among
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