Chapter 2124 Saying Goodbye

Kelvin takes offense at Dora suggesting he would stay away from the family, “What do you mean by that, Dora? Of course, my family will come along!”

Caroline is shocked, “Are we moving to Victoria?”

Melissa sits next to her on the sofa, “Yes, daughter! Let's live close to Ray Chaves, see Junior, Cristina, Moacyr, Uncle Adolfo, and Aunt Vânia... wouldn't that be nice?”

Caroline wonders, “Yeah, that would be nice... but what about the rest of our family?”

“We’ll see each other on school holidays and at the end of the year, Carol.” Kelvin argues, “I’ll also miss the direct contact, as I’ll be alone in the capital while my brothers remain here. But the restaurant is doing very well and we cannot miss this opportunity.”

Caroline looks at her grandmother, “I was hoping to work with Aunt Maggie and Mary.”

Melissa convinces her, “Carol, you and Mary need to go to Journalism College in Victoria. Sooner or later you would have to move to the capital. Why don't we get on with it sooner?”

Dora nod
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