The Guerrero's Heir

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The Guerrero's Heir

By: GreenRian22 OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Tyrone Guerrero has been married to Dahlia Suarez for five years, he loves Dahlia but she doesn't love him because he's poor. To prevent Dahlia from divorcing him, he accepted his grandfather's offer to return as a Guerrero and manage their company. He became a billionaire again and can do whatever he wants with his money, but he never thought he would be poor again because of the person he love the most. By the time he comes back for the people who have been bad for him, he will show them the good boy sweet revenge.

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108 chapters
Chapter 1
Tyrone adjusted the basket he was holding, which contained liquid soap. It will be used to wash his wife feet. He's glad to serve her in this way. He's now going to her room to bring it. Tyrone have prepared the water that he will use to clean her feet. If she wants him to clean her feet, Tyrone will do it gladly. He knocked on her bedroom door with a smile and slowly opened it but his smile quickly disappeared when Tyrone heard laughter from Dahlia's bathroom. He stopped from walking and listened to their conversation. He tightened his grip on the basket he was carrying. "You're so silly, Autumn." Tyrone heard Dahlia's laugh. He decided to continue walking and entered the bathroom. When they saw Tyrone they suddenly stopped laughing, he didn't say a word and put the basket in front of Dahlia. And slowly released the liquid soap that she was going to use. "Oh what a sweet sight, it's called princess treatment," Autumn suddenly said and when Tyrone turned to her, she gave a mocki
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Chapter 2
Tyrone still feel annoyed because of what happened earlier. Especially what ma'am Runa said, she is Dahlia's mommy and Tyrone have high respect for her especially when Dahlia and Tyrone got married but in the five years they were married, ma'am Runa did not treat him well.He know ma'am Runa doesn't like him because first of all he don't have wealth or anything to be proud of. Tyrone know Dahlia doesn't love him, but that's fine as long as she comes home to him.Tyrone finished cleaning the floor and went to his room to rest. In the evening Tyrone helped the maids in the kitchen, they were so busy cooking that you thought there was an important event going on."Where to take this tray?" he asked the head chef before pointing to the tray on the table."In ma'am Runa's room, that's where she'll eat because she's not in the mood to eat in the dining hall," the head chef answered and Tyrone nodded. "Can I ask for a favor?" he asked."What's that?""You take it to her in her room, because
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Chapter 3
Tyrone close his eyes because of the annoyance and sadness he felt, is there anything else he can do so that she doesn't leave him? He asked himself.He looked around his room, suddenly he looked at his cellphone that was on the table. He suddenly remembered when grandpa called him.He said he will manage the company like his dad used to do. Tyrone can't understand why he made him do that after he kicked him out of the family.Can't he manage the company by himself?He suddenly thought of Dahlia, if Tyrone in charge of the company, she won't divorce him? Won't she leave him?His eyes widened at the thought. The next day Tyrone left the mansion in a hurry, he didn't say goodbye to them that he was leaving.He quickly took a taxi and told the place where he was going. After a few hours the taxi stopped, after he finished paying he quickly got off the taxi.In the distance, Tyrone could see the big building that he used to go to often. The Guerrero's Company.Ever since his grandfather k
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Chapter 4
"I'm sorry, sir Tyrone." Avan said bowing. Erick and the staff did the same."I don't know, sorry." said Erick."Forgive us, sir Tyron." said the staff.Tyrone didn't say a word, he knew they weren't really sorry. If Tristan hadn't told them that he was the owner of the company, He's sure they wouldn't have apologized for what they did to insult him earlier.He faced Tristan who was already looking at him."Where's grandpa?" he asked coldly, showing no emotion on his face.He answered. "He's in his office."He nodded. "Take me to him.""I will definitely do that, because that's my job." He smiled but Tyrone didn't react.He didn't say a word and let him walk first while he was just behind. As soon as they passed the lobby, Tyrone noticed a big change in the company.As he expected, people stared at them as they walked to the elevator. He just didn't pay attention to that, when they were inside the elevator, Tristan spoke."I really thought you were dead," he said and Tyrone frowned."
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Chapter 5
His Grandpa stared at him for a long time, Tyrone thought he wouldn't agree but when he was about to speak, he suddenly nodded."Okay, I agree to your condition. For the good of the company, about forgiving me." He stopped and leaned back on the sofa. "I know you won't forgive me so quickly—""Don't expect me to forgive you anymore," he interrupted what he was going to say. He didn't react but he nodded. "My life has been hell for five years, maybe you were surprised that I've changed. You didn't think that the former Tyrone you killed is still like this," he added."I know, I understand.""Sign the contract of posting me as the new CEO of the company," he said quickly. Tyrone don't care if he thinks he's in a hurry, he don't care if he thinks he's a gold digger. He just want to speed up so Dahlia doesn't leave him.It's the only way he know to keep her from leaving.He looked at him in amazement. Tyrone read the surprise on his face."Is that how much you want to be the CEO of the co
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Chapter 6
When Tyrone got off the taxi, he quickly entered the mansion. He immediately saw Ma'am Runa like she's waiting for him, when she saw him she stood up from her seat.She looked at him badly."Why are you just arrived now?!" she shouted and he thought like she wanted to hurt him physically.Tyrone bit his lip."Why aren't you answering?! I asked you where you're from! Why did you leave without saying where are you going to?! Maybe you're forgetting that you still live in my mansion and you can't make your own decisions!" she shouted again, now she shouted louder.Hw can't tell her that he went to the Guerrero's company. Tyrone have to lie.He looked at her. "I visited my father's grave, I haven't visited in a long time," he explained. And he prayed in his mind that she would believe.Suddenly she looked at him and after a while she laughed. If he had no respect for her, Tyrone would think she was going crazy."You went to your dad's grave?" she asked, he was even surprised because she d
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Chapter 7
Frowning as he watched them laugh at him, Tyrone glared at the man."Who are you?" he asked annoyed. Who do you think he are?He stopped laughing and smirked. "I'm Henrick, Dahlia's business partner. I just come here to welcome her."He laughed so he frowned and glared at him. "You don't even have a job here, so why did you come?""What?" he shouted."It's useless for you to come here just to welcome her, even though you don't have an appointment here." He smirked when he saw the annoyance in his eyes."What?! Who are you to say something like that?!" he shouted angrily and started to walk towards him with clenched fists, but Dahlia quickly blocked him."Hey, stop it. Don't fight with a useless person like that, save your energy Henrick," Dahlia said and looked at him. The smile on his lips disappeared and he heard Henrick's sarcastic laugh like he enjoys what's happening.When he looked at Dahlia, he smiled sweetly at her."Yeah, you're right. I don't want to waste time with him," he
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Chapter 8
"That necklace is not real," he told them without thinking while looking at the necklace.The three of them turned to him, he saw that Henrick's smile had disappeared so he grinned."What are you talking about, Tyron?" Dahlia asked annoyed. "How can you be sure it's fake? You're just poor, aren't you? I'm sure you only saw something like this now because you're poor. And you don't know anything about these things because they're only for the rich.""What? He's poor?" Henrick asked and Dahlia nodded. Henrick suddenly grinned. "Now I know why he said this necklace is fake. Are you planning to steal this necklace?"Tyrone heard the gaps of Dahlia's friend. "Oh my god, should I call the police?!" she shouted while looking at him badly.He frowned at what the three of them were saying. "Yes, I'm poor, but I have no plans to steal that. First of all, because that's not the real diamond necklace," he said. He saw that Henrick was pale so he took his cell phone out of his pocket and googled
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Chapter 9
The elevator door was about to close but a hand stopped it, Tyrone was surprised to see Dahlia."What are you doing?" he asked but Dahlia didn't answer and pulled him out of the elevator."Henrick left because of you! I really hate you!" Dahlia was annoyed as she looked at Tyrone. When Dahlia returned to her office, Henrick said goodbye that he had to leave because of an urgent meeting but Dahlia didn't believe his reason because she knew he left because of what Tyrone did."He left?" Tyrone asked her innocently."Yes and that's because of you!" Dahlia shouted with all her might, Tyrone couldn't understand why she was angry with him."Why because of me?" he asked, he couldn't understand what was happening.Dahlia looked at him in disbelief, she wanted to slap him but she stopped herself."You're really stupid, aren't you?! Have you forgotten what you did to embarrass him earlier?!" Dahlia shouted angrily.Tyrone frowned."Where is the shame in what I did?" he asked.Dahlia felt annoye
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Chapter 10
Tyrone just watched Dahlia's back as she walked back to her office.He can still feel Dahlia's anger even though she is no longer in front of him. Tyrone sighed heavily because of the fight between the two of them. He held onto his forehead while slowly massaging it as he walked towards the elevator.Is Henrick that important to her? Tyrone asked himself as he looked at his own reflection in the elevator door. He didn't understand why Dahlia reacted like that.He took a deep breath, feeling that what he did was wrong to interfere with the diamond necklace. He feels that because of what he did, Dahlia's heart will be further away from him.He just gave her another reason to be mad at him, that's how Tyrone felt.When the elevator rang he straightened himself up. The elevator door opened and he quickly got out. The people looked at him but he just ignored it until he got out of Dahlia's company.He quickly looked for a taxi, and it didn't take long before he quickly boarded. He had the
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