Chapter 2127 Nobody Believes in Coincidence

Josias is now alone in his office, in his blue robe, trying to read a book by Stendhal, but Melissa's departure has prevented him from concentrating. Alan enters the enclosure and finds his father restless.

“Father, are you sure—”

“Son, don't confuse me.” Josias scolds him, “Your mother decided to stay with her current husband, even though I declared my love to her.”

“Father, that is a risk you took.” Alan scratches his chin, “After all, my Mom isn't free. If my mother was someone like Angela or Kate, she would have cheated on Kelvin years ago.”

“Precisely why I want her.” Josias buries his hands in his head, “She's a different woman. And damn Kelvin knows that, which is why he wants to take her away from me.”

“Take her away?”

“Son, do you definitely believe that this talk of opening a Crystal Blue branch came out of nowhere, with no u

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