Chapter 2126 Suspicious Departure

Josias enters the mansion and finds Caroline, as mentioned before, saying goodbye to her brother in the main living room.

But Reuben and Pedro are present and take the opportunity to do the same.

However, Reuben is more devastated than Alan and fervently hugs his future wife, “CAROL! NO, don't go away! Why do you need to go to college if your future is already guaranteed at Maggiezine?”

Caroline laughs, “Oh, you mean I can do my job without studying? It makes no sense!”

Reuben breaks the hug and looks at her deeply, “You can do it because you are perfect.”

Pedro clears his throat, “We will miss you, Carol. Say hello to Junior for us.”

“He must be big.” Caroline laughs.

Josias enters the living room, “He is twenty years old. Hello, son, hello, Pedro.”

“Uncle Josias...” Pedro lifts an imaginary hat.

Alan crosses his arms, “Dad, are yo

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