Chapter 2134 João Paulo Wants to Help

Gabriela finally thinks ‘Why not?’ and answers the phone, “This is the last time you’re talking to Gabriela Alves from Maggiezine. I hope it's worth it!”

“Measure your words!” William thunders, “You're in no right to be tough, Miss Alves. We need to meet at Café Montanha in twenty minutes!”

“Who is it?” Gabriela widens her eyes.

“Twenty minutes or a grave in the sand of Sunset Village will be filled with your dead body!” William angrily hangs up the phone.

Gabriela is terrified, “Hello? Hello? HELP, there's a maniac on the call!”

Maggie approaches her sourly, “Gabriela, are the pregnancy hormones making you hysterical?”

“Maggie, some madman has ordered me to Café Mountain in twenty minutes or he'll bury me alive on the beach at Sunset Village! How horrible! What do I do?”

Maggie looks at her wristwatch, “You better go so you won't be late.”

Gabriela stops the urge to slap her former boss, takes the box with her belongings, and leaves at once.


João Paulo enters the premises of L
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