Chapter 2135 Don't Bury Live People on the Beach

At Rocha Constructions, Josias calms Tiago Bento's spirits.

“Tiago, you always scare me with your mobster talk. Then you deny it.”

“I have already killed for you, master, and I would kill again,” Tiago responds solemnly.

“SCHI!” Josias gestures, afraid of someone listening, “Walls have ears, Tiago!”

“I beg your pardon, master, but you know that the Bento family is here to serve you.” Tiago continues with a somber face.

“Except for Elisa, I hope she is happy in Sunset Village with her hubby and son.”

Tiago suddenly smiles like a normal guy, “She continues to be forever grateful and includes you in her prayers.”

“OK, let's do this: we need to know what happened for Bernie Marçal to fire Gabriela out of nowhere. She is heavily pregnant and needed the job. Perhaps it was anger at being fired that made her thoughtlessly slap Melissa.”

“It could be the reason, but it's still not justifiable.”

“And I want to talk to Cláudio Guzman. Alan told me that he accused Melissa of murdering Kate. What
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