Chapter 2159 Discovered Who Called

“Come on, Sergeant Moraes.” Gabriela urged him, “Tell me that Josias Rocha morally harassed me. I’ll extract a good monetary compensation to pay for a lavish and scandalous marriage to his younger brother, ha, ha, ha!”

Lorraine felt like unplugging Ivan's computer cable, but Ivan's cop skills made him aware of his wife's movement, grabbing her arm, “CALM DOWN, Lorrie.”

Gabriela smirks, “Someone is trying to ruin my plans to move up in life.”

“You good-for-nothing whore!” Lorraine screams at the top of her lungs.

Ivan sighs impatiently, “OK, let's see… oh yeah. Amoreira investigated the calls. It wasn’t Josias Rocha who called you, it was Will Campos from his pizzeria.”

Lorraine bursts out laughing, “Are you serving pepperoni pizza at your ‘lavish’ and ‘chic’ wedding?”

Gabriela bangs the desk with both hands and stand

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