Chapter 2158 It's Time to Take Care of Yourself

Beto leads Josias to his office and closes the door. He turns on the battery-operated radio so others will think he is working. Robbie Williams' song “Supreme” fills the room. Josias sits down and Beto sits face to face.

“Looks like we're on business.” Beto laughs, “But let's deal with your emotions, buddy.”

“Didn't like the way you held your left arm, huh.” Josias tries his best to care about his friends and doesn't give a damn about his own suffering.

But Beto doesn't want to let the subject drop, “You're disappointed because Gabriela Alves reminds you of the plane crash, correct?”

Josias heaves a long sigh of sadness and admits, “He wasn't even ten, Beto... what an outrageous age to die!”

“Cláudio Guzman is acting as if he were the father who lost his son and wife.” Beto frowns, “Josias, you have to stop that nutcase. Kate was your wife and J.J. was

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