Chapter 2161 Assembling a Family

Josias and João Paulo accidentally argue over the phone.

“Little brother, I already talked to William.” Josias explains, “He got excited trying to help me, angry with Gabriela, and about the leaked photos.”

“Gabriela insists it was our father.” João Paulo complains.

Josias rages, “Still? João Paulo, do you understand why I don't want you to marry her? If this girl is going to start a wedge in our family...”

“She is not going.” João Paulo determines, “I’ll talk to her properly.”

“Also talk about William, he won't bother her anymore. That's what I wanted to talk to her about, but since you're there...”

“Don't worry, bro, I'll hold the bomb for you. I'm here for that, bye!” João Paulo hangs up in a friendlier tone.

Josias hung up the phone with a restless expression. ‘I'm here for that?’

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