Chapter 2176 Diane Makes Up Her Mind

Diane enters the Mountain Penthouse and doesn’t find her husband. She hears music coming from outside and smiles.

She goes outside and finds Daryl swimming in the pool. There is a portable radio playing the song “Stutter” by Joe feat. Mystikal.

“You look like you turned into a fish. You don't come out of the water!” She jokes.

“This pool is good and we have a wonderful view of the city.” Daryl swims to the edge next to her.

“Thank goodness we don’t have a bigger building right next door.” Diane jokes, “I would hate to know that hot women watch you swim.”

“Only if I swam naked...” Daryl winks mischievously.

“You pervert.” Diane laughs, “Hey, I visited the Motta family.”

Daryl stops laughing, “I think I misheard.”

“No, you heard right.” Diane insists, “I visited Octavio and Jane. I had to see t

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