Chapter 2175 Give Me the Order, Master

At Octavio's house, he and Jane are embarrassed by Diane asking to see Augusto.

“Do you want to see Augusto?” Octavio is in doubt, “For what reason?”

“I don't want to cause trouble.” Diane lowers her head, “I just want to know how it feels.”

“Diane,” Jane starts to explain, “You're going through a difficult time. I don't think it would be advisable… or prudent.”

“Have you been seeing Dr. Silvana?”

Diane appears to be tired of answering this, “Yes, Daryl and I are fine. We believe our turn will come at the time.”

“If you are sure… come in, then.”

Octavio gives space and Diane enters. She goes to the bedroom and faces Augusto.

The baby woke up, and now his eyes are open.

Diane feels a lump in her throat and her eyes water, “He's beautiful. Congratulations to you both.”

“We hope

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