Chapter 2188 Learning

“How great, my comrade!” Josias applauds, “One less thing for me to worry about.”

Octavio closes the door and tsks with his tongue, “You are the one who voluntarily meddles in people’s problems, unable to let us suffer a little in this life.”

Josias shrugs, “Why do my friends and family have to suffer when I am here to help?”

“OK, thanks for that.” Octavio chuckles, “Anyway, did you see the floor plan for one of my collaborators?”

Josias smiles in approval, “Perfect. Ironically, it's for a client of ours from Europe Garden.”

“Mr. Lafayette telephoned me demanding the return of his son.”

Josias fades his smile, “The imbecile Ivan Moraes must have given him the phone number. And his wife read my bio, she knows who you are. Oh! She showed up here announcing that she is expecting his child.”

Octavio laughs, “He better ge

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